The BEER T-Shirt Club™ invites you to be a part of an elite crew of beer fans with style. Each month you can expect a great shirt from us featuring the most interesting and far flung breweries, micro-breweries, and bars. 
Every Month one new RARE, top quality, 6.1 oz, all cotton, professionally screen-printed T-shirt with a new design from some out of the way Micro Brewery.
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August's Craft Beer Shirt of the Month has been chosen!

Our August partner, vandeStreek-bier, is run by two brothers who started brewing as a hobby several years ago. Upcoming beers for them will include their first Autumn beer. They brewed a hoppy version of the traditional Dutch style beer, which tends to be a very sweet and malty Bock, and aged it on oak to get a sweet flavour and vanilla hints from the oak. Just hearing this makes me realize that Fall is right around the corner!


As a featured design-of-the-month, we will print your winning T-shirt design and send it to our entire club membership. Your business will receive world wide exposure! With every T-shirt we send to our members we will include your business' name, address, phone number and website address. This will immediately create awareness and drive potential customers directly to your business -- customers who otherwise may never know your business exists! We will also feature your shirt and design in our advertising campaigns for a minimum of one month. This is very valuable exposure! Click here for more info.

This is a sample of the types of Micro Brewery T-shirts you will be receiving each month when you join the BEER T-Shirt Club™. Not only will you receive a great-looking T-shirt, but it will also be a high quality T-shirt. Our T-shirt production company has been screen printing for many years and they manufacture top quality products. Click here to view prior month's T-shirts.

Tell us about your favorite Micro Brewery's, send us the contact information and we'll give them a call.
If they are selected you will get one free T-SHIRT with a month of
membership on us!

Just e-mail the information to us at 
and we'll do the rest!
picks it us as the perfect Beer-Lovers HOLIDAY gift!

Beer T-Shirt Club - As a member of the Beer T-Shirt Club, you will receive one t-shirt a month from the most interesting and far flung breweries, micro-breweries, and bars. Click here!


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