As a featured design-of-the-month we will print your winning T-shirt design and send it to our entire club membership. Your business will receive world wide exposure! With every T-shirt we send to our members we will include your business' name, address, phone number and website address. This will immediately create awareness and drive potential customers directly to your business -- customers who otherwise may never know your business exists! We will also feature your shirt and design in our advertising campaigns for a minimum of one month. This is very valuable exposure!

How Can we add our T-shirt to MICRO BEER T-Shirt Club™ Collection?
Just send us an email with a picture of your business’ T-shirt(s). If we select your T-shirt for our BEER T-Shirt Club™ Collection, we will email you that you have been selected, asking you for the artwork, and send you a release form authorizing the BEER T-Shirt Club™ to use your artwork and t-shirt design.

There is no cost to your business — just lots of free advertising.


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